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Sagnagarður visitor centre

The visitor centre Sagnagardur, provides an easy to understand and evocatively presented exhibition of the battle to restore the soil and vegetation of Iceland. It is a globally unique story. Visitors seeing the exhibition will gain a better appreciation of the land as they travel around Iceland.

Sagnagarður is only open for groups (10 people or more) from mon-fri. Please call or e-mail us in advance to find out if there is a guide available on your chosen date. Admission fee: Adults (18 years and over) kr. 1500, senior citizens (67 years and over) kr. 750, students kr. 750. Children (12 years old and younger) free. Tel. 488 3000. Email:

The effects of volcanic eruptions, huge floods and strong winds, along with public scepticism about trying to reduce the effects of the forces of nature, set the scene for the difficult but necessary task of stabilising the land and making it productive. The work of the pioneers in land reclamation is higlighted to give the story a really human dimension. The century of soil conservation and land reclamation efforts in Iceland is an inspiring story of technical ingenuity, scientific endeavour, and human fortitude. Now, the international reputation of Icelandic work on soil conservation is well established. Visitors can view the effects of this work in the exhibition and in the countryside surrounding the centre.



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