The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI, Landgræðsla ríkisins) was founded in 1907

It is a governmental agency under the Ministry for the Environment. The main tasks of the SCSI include combating desertification, sand encroachment and other soil erosion, promotion of sustainable land use and reclamation and restoration of degraded land. The work is on different levels, from policy making and research, to extension services and management of large- and small-scale reclamation projects.

Ecosystem degradation is by far the largest environmental problem in Iceland. Vast areas have been desertified after over-exploitation – the speed of erosion magnified by volcanic activity and harsh weather conditions. SCSI is dedicated to the prevention of erosion and to reclamation of eroded land.

The SCSI has four divisions: Land Protection, Research and Development, Public Relations and Administration. The agencies headquarters are at Gunnarsholt in S-Iceland, and district offices are located at Hvanneyri in Borgarfjörður, W-Iceland, Sauðárkrókur, N-Iceland, Húsavík, NE-Iceland, Egilsstaðir, E-Iceland and in Reykjavík .

Address: – Tel.: +354 488 3000 – Fax: +354 488 3010

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-16:00

Hulda Karlsdóttir, fjármála- og rekstrarstjóri, S. 488 3030 hulda@land.isHulda Karlsdóttir,
Tel. +354 488 3030
+354 695 1708

Magnús H. Jóhannsson, sviðsstjóri S. 488 3019 / 892 3099 magnus@land.isMagnús H. Jóhannsson,
Research and Development
Tel. +354 488 3019
+354 892 3099

Gústav Ásbjörnsson
Land protection
Tel. +354 3039
Tel. +354 863 0127

The visitor centre Sagnagardur, provides an easy to understand and evocatively presented exhibition of the battle to restore the soil and vegetation of Iceland. MORE…

The United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT) provides a postgraduate training for specialists from the developing countries in the broad field of restoration of degraded land and sustainable land management, and aims at assisting developing countries in capacity development within this field. The programme was founded in 2007 by the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), in partnership with the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI), and the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) as a part of the government’s development co-operation efforts. MORE…

Revegetation and Landcare in Iceland
It was not until the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) was established in 1907 that an organized battle began against the destructive forces… More

Main projects
On all levels of society, governmental and local level.

Participatory approaches
BGL – Farmers heal the land or „Bændur Græða Landið” a ‘cost-share’ program participated by 25% of Icelandic farmers. Assisting farmers to revegetate degraded land, to halt erosion, and to reclaim land. Land Improvement Fund, “Landbótasjóður”, aims to move responsibility, initiative and execution of soil conservation projects to local authorities, to land owners, local government, communities and non-governmental organizations.  …More